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The Sink Factory — Custom Plumbing Specialists

We have been in business more than 30 years.

Our focus is pre–1940 plumbing, however, we would happy to assist you
with your modern plumbing needs also.

Our showroom has more than 100 bathroom sink shapes in stock.

These include pedestal sinks, wall mount sinks, as well as top mount,
undermount basins and above counter basins.

Some of these sinks are vintage, many are reproductions,
with some modern sinks, also.

These sinks are mostly white, however colors are avaliable.

We also stock American made “Chicago” faucets.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing know-how, we at The Sink Factory
believe there are no higher quality faucets manufactured — anywhere.


These faucets come with countless interchangable parts.

Even though these faucets come from the factory in chrome finish only,
we will change this chrome finished faucet to any finish you desire.

Common finishes that we provide are:

1... polished nickel

2... brushed nickel

3... natural brass

4... oil rubbed brass

5... copper

We can also provide:

6... protected brass

7... silver

8... gold

Here at The Sink Factory we have on the premises a complete machine shop
where we can manufacture faucet components to meet your specific need.

One of our specialties is to make any faucet handle fit any faucet stem.
We do this by changing the inside handle broach to accommodate your existing stem.

If you have stem with a damaged tip, then we can fix this also.
We do this by amputating the defective tip then replacing this part with a new tip.

If your plumbing item is too short we will lengthen it.

If your plumbimg item is too long, we willl shorten it.

When it comes to plumbing parts, our motto is:
“If we can't do it then it can't be done.”

Another one of our mottos is:
“There is not a thing we can't do - and we are humble too.”

If what you are looking for is avaliable in a box then you may not need us .

But if it is outside the box THEN we can do for you.

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