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Navigating around The Sink Factory

New here?

Welcome to The Sink Factory!

Our latest site design should make your visit easy.  At the top left of most pages is a drop-down menu for navigation.  You'll see it when you pass your mouse cursor over our logo or words "Navigate from Here."

Our site is large but you'll always be able to find the major pathways with our menu at the top left.  Remember, the "back" button will allow you to retrace your steps at any time.  In special cases (such as very long parts pages) the menu at top left may not be visible without clicking a nearby labeled link to it.

Need help ordering parts?

We're glad to answer any questions relating to orders, or to help you serve your project.  Our “contact” information is only a click away at the top left of every page. 

Do pages appear in disarray?

This happens when you use an obsolete browser on your computer, or a screen resolution below 1024 x 768 (which can usually be readily adjusted).

If you are using an old browser like Netscape 4.7, you'll miss a lot of the design we've made for you, as well as most of the Internet in general.  Here are links for better FREE browsers that are not obsolete:

FIREFOX for Windows, Mac, or Linux

Google Chrome Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer

SAFARI for Windows or MAC

Opera browser from Sweden (tabbed browser for Windows)

Need E-Mail Technical Help?

For questions beyond the scope above, please e-mail:  webmaster@sinkfactory.com.

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